This blog is written from the point of view of an alien and such alien person is fictitious. The thoughts, issues, and references are real. Sometimes we just need to look at our world from outside our own view.

Edelen Consortium

TO: Arch-Primary Geesu, Exo-Species Directorate. BCC: Edelen Library of Knowledge

SUBJECT: Species E-2215 and unexpected evolutionary anomalies

My friend Geesu,

I hope this transmission finds you well. I heard that you replaced Galthax when it comes to being Arch-Primary of the Exo-Species Directorate. I extend my warmest congratulations to your achievement in the role and also wish Galthax a much-earned rest in in the Pollax sector.

I write to you today to inform you that the species that you have assigned me to watch, Species E-2215, has reached a unique point in their evolution that has deviated from the expected norm for a bipedal life-form orbiting this G2V spectral class star. Some of the more notable developments are:

  1. Emergence of generative Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Environmental abnormalities of their home planet.
  3. Social and political fluctuations with far reaching ramifications

I know this would not be much of a surprise to you, but they are still a type I civilization per the Exo-tech list (which these humans call the Kardashev scale in their own language).

Yes! It is fascinating. There are changes in the technological evolution that have made them quite fascinating.

I am officially requesting a direct hub connection to the main system to begin transmitting video and reports as this species progresses. Though it would be a welcome addition but not a requirement, another observer or two to help put together as much data as we can. This species is short lived and I honestly do not know how long it will take them to pull out of their course or exterminate themselves.

With Respect of Alusha,

Meetek, Observer

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