CULTURE REPORT – Cult Leader Indicted

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This blog is written from the point of view of an alien and such alien person is fictitious. The thoughts, issues, and references are real. Sometimes we just need to look at our world from outside our own view.

Subject: Recent Law Enforcement Actions against Known Cult Leader

Report ID: 2800-06-09-A

CC: Security Bureau, Edelen High Command; Medical Bureau, Edelen Research Directorate.

BCC: Edelen Library of Knowledge

Data Tags: Fascism, cult, justice system, American culture, Artificial Intelligence.


This report is a supplement and expansion of data dump 3312-335-C that was transmitted over the past cycle. As requested by Arch-Primary Geesu, I am to provide my own take on the situations that are happening on the planet's surface. I have attempted to make this as succinct as possible for proper classification.

Cult Leader Has Been Indicted

As mentioned from report 2800-05-23-B, the leader of a cult called MAGA, which is located on the continent called North America, has been indicted by the main government's department of Justice.

As I suspected, the archive in charge of tracking government paperwork was not happy with the fact that Donald Trump had kept files that did not belong to him including those of higher classifications. Classified documents that have gone missing since they were in his care.

In response, the human Trump has continued to take the unusual tactic of making claims to the public through many of his own platforms that have already been demonstrated to be false by multiple sources and facts. Most of what he says is nonsense when compared to the greater body of facts that can be easily found. I have CCed the medical wing for possible analysis on this aberration in behavior for consideration. Like I have mentioned before, the MAGA appear to want to believe what their leader and his acolytes say instead of making judgements on their own. (I'm still working on a report to explain this deviation in judgement and will submit when it is complete).

What is the biggest surprise of all of this is the fact on how quickly the fascist leaning members of the government body in what is called the House of Representatives has reacted to this. Those of the misnomer of a name “Freedom Caucus” has come out in the defense of Donald Trump at the expense of their credibility and stance.

This country and specifically this party has claimed that they are a party of law and order and that they support “freedom for all Americans” but their words appear to say the opposite.

I mean, I am very impressed how much this group completely fails at any sort of common sense. I have transcribed some a segment of the transmitted clip from the female human Alina Habba who claims to be a laywer (I have not been able to yet confirm credentials):

“Any investigation that comes to fruition against the biden corrupt family...every single time...Now we have Wray who is being held in contempt because he won't share documents...Every single time there is a coordinate dance that is becoming obvious to the American people because they are smart and what they do is say look at this shiny ball...”

I apologize for this mess. I believe what Habba is attempting to convey to the audience is that the entire process of the justice system is one sided and targeting their cult leader instead of the present man in power (this would be the Biden mentioned earlier).

Why do I use this as an example of a lack of common sense? Everything in that statement is not correct but she speaks with a certainty that it is.

For example:

  1. Any Investigation against the Biden Corrupt Family.

    1. This assumes guilt instead of innocence which contradicts the party Law and order stance.
    2. There has been one Special Council reported colloquially known as the Durham Report that has no recommended charges.
  2. FBI Director Wray held in Contempt for not release Report.

    1. This one is wild even by my own experiences. The MAGA Freedom Caucus is holding a chief law enforcement officer in contempt for not wanting to release a unproven report filled out by an enemy of their country.
    2. The Director actually has not been held in contempt and their own party is retracting the threat in actuality.
    3. This director was actually appointed by the MAGA cult leader when he was in power!

The part that actually made me almost spit my kuulu juice was her statement that said American people were smart and then continue to infer they were too stupid to see what the Biden government is doing. This section is a mess.

Other MAGA government officials have also appeared to have reacted harshly to the indictments in differing fashions.

  1. The official Judiciary social media account posts “Witch Hunt” (at 3:08) with no evidence and with only the desire to gas light.
  2. A known pundit claiming “process crimes” (at 8:19) with no evidence or a complete lack of understanding of how their own legal system works.

In short, you are seeing the exact same as I do. This political party appears to not understand the fundamental of their own law system by claiming that due process of giving the cult leader a chance to answer the charge is somehow a crime.

I will monitor the situation and report more.

Minority members of the Species Get A Voice

I have to end this report with something positive. The American's highest court has thrown out a map created by a rival political party (not surprisingly the same Republican party that has the fascist wing problem).

The way their political system works is to divide territories up in to districts to help with voting and knowing where to go to vote. It has been used as a weapon where they draw weird lines to strengthen a specific party or ethnic group. They do have laws about that but since the Cult Leader Donald Trump put judges on their high court, their voting right laws have been pretty gutted.

The positive about this is that even with a heavy leaning of the fascist movement, the judges actually sided with the minority voters. This means that a new map will be created and it will be more fair.

See! This species does have a chance!

Their Artificial Intelligence Has a sense of Humor?

I am still working on the report on their AI advancements but I wanted to close this report with a humorous incident. Lawyers claim they were [tricked by their own computers] to cite non-existent case law.

SISI, my own AI, found this exceptionally funny that “organics” didn't bother to proof read and make sure. I'm with her on this one.


This species has been going through a lot lately. My hearts hurt for them as they are full of a lot of amazing ideas but they are still led by their emotions and not by logic and reason.

I refuse to give up on them no matter was Alfra says. I will take his bet of 30 Quenloz that this race somehow pulls it together. There are signs of unity among the fractured beliefs.

Until the next report.

With Respect of Alusha,

Meetek, Observer

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