Introductions are in Order...

I cannot remember where I saw it (though I know it was on my Mastodon social feed), someone had said that an aspiring infosec specialist should consider creating a blog to document their dive into the world of computers and IT. Over the next few days I thought about it and realized that, not only was that a good idea, it could possibly help someone in the future who is struggling with the exact same issue as you were.

So, here I am, writing a blog post to document it and start of my adventure. Now, I have been an writer for a long period of time and consider myself more of an author than actually in information security. For anyone reading this blog, you’re going to find a wide variety of posts about all sorts of subjects but I’ll try to make sure that the subjects are clear enough for easy parsing for future searchers.

This blog post is short. I just wanted to get something posted while I work on designing the other posts including the issues I have had with my pursuit of decentralizing my presence on the internet.

If any of this looks interesting to you or you want to follow along, feel free to subscribe or if you are part of any social media like mastodon, you can also follow the blog as it has been federalized!

Until next time!

— Jonathan S.